Completed Manuscripts



  Mystery ~ Romantic Suspense 

 …and a touch of the Paranormal 

Overly trusting Cassandra Mitchell is dealing with the emotional and financial fallout of divorce from her dream-weaving husband and is on a quest to save her beloved home in the Cape Cod coastal town of Whale Rock. The Bluffs, a stately Victorian and the century-old legacy from her great-grandfather, is in danger of being lost to mounting debt.  While evading pressure to sell from her safely married and well-off sister, a young nomadic couple wander onto the property and into Cassie’s life, offering welcome companionship and the answer to her problems. Until they vanish, leaving behind no clues and rising evidence they were not who they said they were.

As Cassie tries to unravel the mystery, she finds herself in the middle of a battle for control of the investigation between the local police chief and the attractive but information-keeping FBI agent who suddenly shows up to investigate the missing couple. She is also distracted by the eerie sounds and scents of the century old house, which had always felt somehow comforting to her, but have now reemerged with a heightened sense of warning. New clues surface in the case but Cassie finds herself not knowing who to trust. While navigating this prickly path she accidentally uncovers some long hidden information about the century old curse cast upon her great-grandparents who built The Bluffs. THE LIGHTERMAN’s CURSE blends mystery, romance and a touch of paranormal to tell two interwoven tales of the Mitchell family legacy, one in the present and the other that begins in late nineteenth century England.



A cozy mystery that follows the sleuthing antics of the zany manager of the Church House Gallery as she tries to track down the murderer of a supercilious art critic who wrote a scathing review of the most recent exhibit. If only everyone she knew wasn’t a suspect…including herself!


¶ ESCAPE TO LORELEI ~ Women’s Fiction

There are times in a woman’s life when she longs to escape her world for another and in ESCAPE TO LORELEI, Lauren Jordan has the opportunity to do just that. When her husband of 20 years suddenly and mysteriously leaves to travel the world without her, Lauren escapes to the small town of White Fence, Vermont. There, courtesy of a slip of the tongue, Lauren becomes known to the villagers as Lorelei. She crawls into this alter ego and discovers a safe haven from her pain and anger, but not necessarily the open arms of welcome from the quirky assortment of town folk. Inevitably the lives of Lauren and Lorelei converge forcing the blinders off and offering her a glimpse of the woman she’s capable of becoming. ESCAPE TO LORELEI is a fish out of water tale of lost loves and new beginnings, where perceived betrayal is a catalyst for many new possibilities and help arrives from the most unexpected places.




 Women’s Fiction

Phoebe Townsend is on a quest. The thrice divorced and recently widowed resident of small town Chesterfield is seeking her fifth Mr. Right. But she faces many obstacles in her relentless pursuit of the handsome, clueless and unattainable target of her affections. Phoebe has always emulated her heroine, Scarlett O’Hara, and puts her problems on a shelf to be dealt with later. Her main grounding force is best friend Camille, who has forever played Melanie to her Scarlett. It’s a zany journey but some bittersweet moments bring the head-in-the-clouds Phoebe down to earth. But in the end, will Phoebe win the affections of an elusive Ashley Wilkes or will a Rhett Butler arrive in time to rescue her from her own delusions?


¶ Novel in Progress

I’m working on a novel that’s distinctly different from what I’ve written before.

More to come later…

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